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15,948 Blankets
7,833 Clothing Items
6,598 Misc Comfort Items
3 Wagons
1 Mission


Keith’s Comfort Blankets is a 501(c)(3) organization that was established in 2018 to honor the life of Keith Robert Lewis.  Keith was born August 6th, 2015 and passed away February 2nd, 2016 from a rare genetic mitochondrial disorder. While in-patient at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Keith received numerous donated blankets and clothing that comforted the Lewis family and made the hospital experience feel more like home.  


What started as a grass roots effort with the support of Keith's family and friends, has developed into this amazing organization that will continue to keep Keith's legacy alive.

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To provide comfort for hospitalized children and their families through the giving of blankets and other comfort items

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